The program is available to legal entities capable of emitting an invoice that intend to use Slamp products present within the current catalogue for a project (hereinafter referred to as “the Cli-ent”). These projects include the new construction or renovation of locations destined for hospital-ity, tourism, professional, or commercial use. Residential projects of any kind are not eligible for the program.
The minimum value of Slamp products per project is 20,000$ tax excluded; the prices considered are those in USD offered by Slamp to the public, and exclude possible discounts, commissions, and any other cost outside the current applicable Price List.
The program is available only for Clients with an invoice and shipping address in the USA.


The Slamp Business Program offers eligible participating members (in accordance with the aforementioned requirements) who have properly and completely applied, as described in the re-lated paragraph, will have access to the following advantages:

  • A 5% refund from the purchase of Slamp products; prices considered are those available to the public and issued by Slamp as stated above, and the refund will be made upon receipt of full payment and full project completion. The refund will be exclusively paid to the Cli-ent, and will not be available to third parties.
  • The standard warranty will be extended by one year, for a total of two years from date of purchase, as noted in the invoice. For further details, consult the “Warranty” paragraph.
  • Free publication of project photos on all of Slamp’s digital and traditional platforms, ensu-ring to increase in the project’s exposure, to the advantage of the Client and the architect or interior designer, if involved. The Client must obtain all necessary authorization from whom holds the photo rights, if needed, before their publication (using the provided re-lease form).
  • Discounted design and lighting consultation;
  • Membership in the SLAMP Business Club, offering benefits including private sales, promo-tional launches, invites to exclusive events, product previews, and much more.


Program participation must begin on or before December 31, 2021, and in order to receive the 5% refund, Slamp products must be purchased and the return request processed within one solar year of Program participation confirmed by email by Slamp SpA, unless noted otherwise from Slamp S.p.A.


If the Client meets the aforementioned requirements, they can sign up by using the form available at providing the following information:

  • Company details: name of company, owner’s name and last name, company address, own-er’s email and telephone number, and tax number.
  • The address of the location undergoing construction, renovation, or redesign
  • A brief description of the project (type, specifics, etc.)
  • Details on the architect or design studio involved in the project (if any).

Slamp S.p.A., at its sole discretion, will send the Client’s contact upon their exclusive request and completion of requested data, a confirmation that they have accepted and been granted the re-quest to join the Program. The request does not ensure automatic or guaranteed membership. The Client’s contact is that referred to in the “Contact Information” page (hereinafter referred to as “the Contact”).

After having purchased Slamp products, the participant must provide the following details, using the email address

  • A detailed invoice of Slamp products, including quantity, product code, name, and any ad-ditional information;
  • The company name and/or name of the architect or interior designer to be included in public platform publications;
  • At least 5 Hi-res photos (300dpi, .tiff or .jpeg format) of the project’s interior that feature the selected Slamp products;
  • Authorisation for Slamp S.p.A. to use provided photos for promotional purposes, via the re-lease form provided by Slamp S.p.A.

After Slamp S.p.A. has verified the validity of the Contact provided information and details as de-scribed above, they will send a confirmation to the Contact which shall not be considered auto-matic, nor an acquired rightFollowing such verifications, the 5% refund (as stated in the “Ad-vantages of the Program” paragraph) will be paid by Slamp S.p.A. by receiving an invoice issued by the Client. Such invoice shall state the amount equal to the refund granted by the Program and previously confirmed by Slamp S.p.A., indicating the following reason for payment: “Contribution for Slamp products visibility at (name of the location where Slamp products are installed)”.


All products properly sold and paid for are covered under legal warranty, conforming to the Codi-ce del Consumo (“Garanzia Legale”), article 128, stating that the duration of such warranty is 12 months from the invoice date according to the provisions of the Italian Civil Code.
Warranty can be availed only if a proof of purchase is submitted.

Slamp offers an extension of the warranty period of one year, excluding elements subject to wear and/or accessory parts such as LED sources or light bulbs, etc., and/or products or part of them that have been given gratuitously, none of which are covered by any sort of warranty.

Notwithstanding the above terms, warranty becomes null and void when a product:

  • has been improperly installed without following the instruction manual included with the product itself;
  • has been used improperly and/or in a way different than its original purpose;
  • has been tampered, altered or when unauthorized interventions are made and/or not ap-proved by the post-sales assistance;
  • has been cleaned with chemicals or procedures that are unsuitable for such materials, wi-thout following the maintenance prescriptions provided;
  • shows signs of normal wear and tear, due to the time passed from the moment of delivery, original conditions of the material and/or special finishings;
  • shows cuts, scratches, dents and any other accidental damage arised after the moment of delivery;
  • is used in particularly damp or outdoor environments, unless these have been previously declared as suitable for such use.

The warranty is exclusively granted to the original buyer and cannot be transferred to third par-ties.


Any disagreement between the parties concerning this contract, of any nature, is exclusively rec-ognized and agreed upon by both to be settled by the Tribunale di Velletri.


All portions of this document must be respected to validate participation in the program. Should one or more be violated, Slamp S.p.A. reserves the right to deny participation and/or reimburse-ment as stated above. The benefits offered by the Program cannot be paired with other initiatives, and do not alter any sales conditions not specifically stated in this document.


The Company processes personal data for the purposes and using the specific methods stated in the Privacy Information section found at the following link: